André Kunz – Sweet Soul

Tinatin – Alles zu seiner Zeit

Fette Hupe – Modern Tradition

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Klaus Spencker Trio – „Crossing Borders“ 

Klaus Spencker, Gitarre
Peter Schwebs, Bass
Bertram Lehmann, Schlagzeug


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Fette Hupe 2019

„Fette Hupe plays Mingus – in the Tradition“
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Duke Ellington Sacred Concerts

Fette Hupe & Junges Vokalensemble Hannover.
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GODCHILD – Fette Hupe & Jörn Marcussen-Wulff

Leitung: Jörn Marcussen-Wulff  & Timo Warnecke

Reeds: Nils Brederlow, Paul Engelmann, Lars Stoermer, Coco Guerra, Felix Petry // Trumpets: Benjamin Brown, Gary Winters, Philipp Kacza, Daniel Zeinoun, Axel Beineke // Trombones: Uwe Granitza, Hans Wendt, Felix Eilers, Robert Hedemann // Rhythm: Klaus Spencker (git), Eike Wulfmeier (p), Michael Gudenkauf (b), Timo Warnecke (dr).

TRUE – Klaus Spencker Solo

With the digital album TRUE, Klaus Spencker releases his first production as a soloist. The Hannover based jazz guitarist and composer showcases a lesser known facet of his musical producing. On the six tracks he experiments with the tonal possibilities of the guitar – electronically alienated and expanded. The result is free, improvised music, created live without overdubs. More on Bandcamp.

Hans-Hermann Briese, Klaus Spencker & Elements – „Van Tied to Tied“


Hans-Hermann Briese, voice; Klaus Spencker, g; Felix Petry, sax; Eike Wulfmeyer, p; Peter Schwebs, b; Timo Warnecke, dr

Audio CD im DVD Digipack inkl. Booklet mit Gedichten und Texten – anspruchsvoll gestaltet für Sammler und Kenner.  Weitere Infos >>>

Klaus Spencker Trio – „December“

Klaus Spencker, g; Marc Muellbauer, b; Heinrich Köbberling, dr
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Klaus Spencker Quartett – „Somewhere in America“

Klaus Spencker, g; Wolf Kerschek, vib, key; Andreas Henze, b; Bertram Lehmann, dr

Klaus Spencker Trio – „Invisible“

Klaus Spencker, g; Olaf Casimir, b; Willi Hanne, dr

„The Music of the Klaus Spencker Trio ist extremely natural and organic. The writing and playing both are on a high level, I recommend it.“ (John Abercrombie)