„Here To Stay“

Pat Metheny Ensemble
Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media
Final Recital – Summer 2020

Online Event
MITTWOCH, 9. DEZEMBER 2020 UM 20:30 UTC+01
YouTube. https://youtu.be/a8xUTmh_f24

Miriam Schleinschock, Vocals
Yvonne Schwitalla, Flute
André Trzewik, Guitar
Lukas Blecks, Piano, Keyboard
Ludwig Berner, Bass
Max Enyedi, Drums

Recording: Lukas Blecks
Video Production: Felix Pery
Musical Direction & Production: Klaus Spencker
Recorded at Tonhalle Hannover, Summer 2020

Sonsored by the „Circle of Friends“ at Hanover University of Music, Drama und Media and the Kulturbüro of the City of Hanover.